Adult Bible Classes

Fall 2018 Adult Bible Classes

THE ART OF PARENTING - Sunday, 9:00-10:00am
Purpose: To learn about biblical parenting principles and strategies to enable our children to be launched successfully into adulthood, to share experiences with other parents, encourage each other and develop relationships

Format: Video, workbook, group discussion, optional homework

Topics to be explored:

  • The goal of parenting
  • Forming character
  • Applying discipline
  • Building relationships
  • Understanding identity
  • Nurturing identity
  • Preparing for mission
  • The power of family

Meeting times: Sun., 9-10am, Sept. 23 – Dec. 9 (12 weeks), Classroom 5
Facilitators: Sean and Gretchen Belanger

Purpose: To wrestle with some of the Bible’s most difficult passages and to develop a method for addressing such questions, both for personal understanding and to be better prepared to give a meaningful answer when others ask

Format: Lecture, examination of Scripture, group discussion, optional homework

Questions to be explored:

  • Does the Bible endorse slavery and polygamy?
  • Is the God of the Old Testament a genocidal, baby-killing maniac?
  • How can a loving God send people to hell?
  • Is Christianity bigoted, judgmental, and homophobic?
  • How can there be a good God when there is so much suffering and evil in the world?

Meeting times: Sun., 9-10am, Sept 23. – Dec. 9 (12 weeks), Fellowship Hall
Teachers: Jake Ingram and Connie Blakelock

ALPHA - Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm
Purpose: To provide a space to explore life's big questions, say what you think, hear other people's points of view, and to explore the Christian faith

Format: Food (dinner is included), a talk, and good conversation

Questions to be explored:

  • Who is Jesus and why did he die?
  • How can I have faith?
  • Why and how should I read the Bible and pray?
  • How does God guide us?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How can I make the most of my life?
  • How can I resist evil?
  • What is the church?

Meeting times:  Tues., 6-8pm, Sept. 18 – Nov. 27 (10 weeks - this class will not meet Nov. 20), Fellowship Hall
Facilitators: Multiple

LEARNING TO FOLLOW JESUS - Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30pm
Purpose: A simple, practical guide to learn how to follow Jesus

Format: Reading the book “Learning to Follow Jesus,” group discussion, optional homework

Topics to be explored:

  • Learn to Be with Jesus
  • Learn to Listen
  • Learn to Heal
  • Learn to Influence
  • Learn to Love
  • Learn to Pray
  • Learn to Manage

Meeting times: Tues., Sept. 25 – Nov. 6 (7 weeks), Youth Room
Facilitators: Jim and Barbara LaBate