mE52 (Missional Events) ~ September 2022


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Ladies of Grace

Groups & Studies


Our mission is to be led by the Holy Spirit in order to:

  • Encourage and deepen a whole-hearted passion for Jesus Christ, our Lord and King
  • Inspire the surrender of our entire lives to Him and to one another
  • Promote the expression of that love and surrender in the good deeds that He has prepared for us to do

Working toward that goal, our vision is that we wholeheartedly...

  • Love our Glorious Lord and King
  • Be moved by His love for us and His beauty
  • Desire and pursue an abiding relationship with Him
  • Reflect His grace and truth in our lives
  • Live out of the Holy Spirit who indwells us
  • Grow together in community in Him
  • Share His truth wherever we are and in whatever we do

We invite you to connect with other women through study, prayer, and fellowship at Grace Chapel.

Check out our groups/studies and events. Grace Chapel attendees can also keep up to date by joining our Ladies of Grace Facebook page!

For more information on our women's ministries, please email our Women's Ministry Coordinator.