On Wednesday, July 27, emails with a sending address similar to our "gracecp.org" email addresses have been used to request the recipient purchase gift cards and email the 16 digit codes back and/or states there is a situation that needs to be handled discreetly, which if followed up on ends up in a financial based request. Please be aware that many different email scams abound so if something seems even the slightest bit out of the ordinary, do not act on the request. No one in leadership at Grace Chapel will ever send you an email request to purchase gift cards, send money, etc. on our behalf. Please disregard all emails of this type now and in the future.


Mission Partners

View our full list of mission partners - Login code: gcmissions

We are alway mindful about the information published online regarding our mission partners. Even simple public links can be captured and analyzed by search engines, advertisers and government adgencies. Out of an abundance of caution for the safety and privacy of our partners, this list is now password protected for use by Grace Chapel members and regular attendees.