Ladies of Grace Groups & Studies

Embrace Jesus' model for relationships! We were made to be in relationship--first and foremost with God, then with others in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Jesus and the early church modeled for us how small groups were the best medium for personal spiritual growth, and for bringing others to God. In small groups we explore the Bible as God’s spoken Word, prayerfully consider how it impacts our lives, and pray for each other’s needs. Join with other sisters in Christ as we walk this journey of faith together! Contact us for more on women's groups. 

Fall 2018
All meet at Grace Chapel unless otherwise noted. Provisions for childcare vary by class. 


Ladies Bible Study - 6:30pm, Sept. 24 - Dec. 10
Topic of study will be selected by group participants.  

Facilitators: Sharon Case, Jackie Marshall
Childcare: No


Mamas Together - Bi-Weekly, Tues., 9:00am, Sept. 25 - May 7
An open group designed to support fellow mamas in our quest to follow Jesus as we raise little humans. Mamas of all ages are welcome. Be prepared for honest discussions on parenting topics that we all struggle with. No one has all the answers but together we can laugh, cry and support one another in our highs and lows. After all, parenting is better when done together! Light refreshments and beverages are provided.

Facilitator: Jen Billings, Heather Castleberry, Kristin Hinkley
Childcare: Yes

Tots Playtime - Bi-weekly, Tues., 9:00am, Sept. 18 - May 14
Open playtime for littles and social time for the rest of us! Two hours of non-stop energy zapping fun for tots and down time for moms, dads and caregivers with children to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while visiting with others. Indoor toys, bounce house and ride on toys are waiting for your little ones to enjoy!

Facilitator: Jen Billings


A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place - Wed., 9:30am, Sept. 26 - April 17
This in-depth bible study by Beth Moore explores the fascinating account of the building of the tabernacle, the significance of its intricate design, its pivotal role in god's eternal plan, the grand fulfillment of its purpose by Jesus Christ, and its its variety of meanings for your walk with God today.

Facilitator: Jane Augur
Childcare: Yes

Healthy Choices for Spirit, Soul and Body - Wed., 9:30am, Sept. 26 - Dec. 9
An interactive time of sharing our lives in a trusted community, praying for each other, and telling about ways we are enhancing our spiritual, mental and physical health for mutual encouragement.

Facilitator: Betty Casey
Childcare: Yes

Own Your Life - Wed., 9:30am, Sept. 26 - May 8
We each have only one life to live to tell a story about Jesus, about His ways and about His love. Come embark on a journey as women in Christ to live life with intention: discovering who we are in Christ, what our unique purpose is, submitting to His way, partnering with Him in His plan and as a result, loving well and leaving an eternal legacy!

Facilitator: Connie Cutler
Childcare: Yes


Bad Girls of the Bible - Thurs., 9:30, Sept. 27 - Dec. 20
Women everywhere marvel at those "good girls" in Scripture–Sarah, Mary, Esther–but on most days, that’s not who they see when they look in the mirror. Most women (if they’re honest) see the selfishness of Sapphira or the deception of Delilah. They catch of glimpse of Jezebel’s take-charge pride or Eve’s disastrous disobedience. Like Bathsheba, Herodias, and the rest, today’s modern woman is surrounded by temptations, exhausted by the demands of daily living, and burdened by her own desires.

So what’s a good girl to do? Learn from their lives, says beloved Bible study teacher and speaker Liz Curtis Higgs, and choose a better path. Whether they were "Bad to the Bone," "Bad for a Season, but Not Forever" or only "Bad for a Moment," these infamous sisters show women how not to handle the challenges of life.

Facilitator: Ginnie Augustine
Childcare: No

Moms in Prayer – Thurs., 9:30am, Sept. 20 - June 13
A focused hour of prayer specifically for any woman who wishes to pray for her children (or grandchildren) and the schools they attend (from preschool through college, including home school, private and public schools). 

Facilitator: Jane Augur
Childcare: No